Maybe Comic Books Are Not for Kids!!!

Are comic books really for kids? These ads from a popular comic book has its anti business sentiments clearly displayed to the innocent minds of our unsuspecting children. This un-American propaganda can twist them onto a path of avoiding the purchase of products from these reputable companies, costing jobs in these industries as well as support and ancillary businesses like automobile body shops, emergency rooms, law enforcement, jails, prisons, bail bondsmen, respirators and mortuaries.

Protect your kids from this subversive "sick humor." Know what your children are reading!

Monument Canadian Club X-Ray
Tiparillo Rot Gut ChesterFind Cigarettes
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Sure, Corporate Media & Indy's
have failed to keep up,
but in pre-web days:
"Comics Are No Fun" LA Times
"There'll Be Cookies" Ben Is Dead
"What To Show Your Friends..."
    - Mary Burt

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