Frontline Combat

Frontline Combat #10 was released in 1951 when the US was at war with Korea.The child on the cover is an enemy child.The story follows a young Korean family and the first few years of their little boy's life. It ends with the child holding onto his dead mother in the rubble of their destroyed home, crying out for his father, lying dead a few yards away.

To put this in perspective, this would translate today to an Iraqi child and his dead Iraqi parents assuming US bombs are falling in Iraq as you read this.Leave it to EC Comics (and editor Harvey Kurtzman) to bring a new reality dimension to war for (EC's avg. age) 17-year-old readers. EC Comics also did stories on racist violence, anti-Semitism, animal rights, the genocide of Native Americans, drug addiction and more. Had EC not succumbed to Senate Sub-Committee hysteria and the mass book burnings that followed a few years later, perhaps we might today see an even more uncomfortable image of the same child with his foot blown off or some other powerful image that occurs when we drop bombs on civilians.

Then again, maybe a half-century of this kind of reality "entertainment" might have resulted in a generation not so compliant of our acts of, and support of state terrorism and of course, not so easily led to war.

Either way, these marvelous comics (in reprint) are available at Hi De Ho Comics & Fantasy on our INFO page.

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