I Saw It

Our second pair of Essential Sequentials features another book by courageous and insightful publisher, Leonard Rifas who also published Corporate Crime Comics. Like Art Spiegleman's Maus, this Survivor's True Story: I Saw It! shows one of civilization's great horrors in an entirely new light.Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics clearly explains how sequential art gives a new and powerful vision to nightmares that can never be "realistically" portrayed in any media.Art Spiegleman, Leonard Rifas and Scott McCloud are Lines On Paper alumni and Maus, Corporate Crime and I Saw It! are classic Essential Sequentials. Especially now that our administration is talking seriously about the development of "usable" nuclear weapons. Seriously!


This was taken from the back cover:

8:15 am, August 6,1945.Six miles above the city of Hiroshima, bomb bay doors snapped open to release "Little Boy," a code name for the world's first atomic bomb.

In an instant thousands of lives were destroyed, while the city's buildings, books and paintings caught fire and burned. The survivors discovered later that the bomb had permanently tainted them with its invisible contamination.

Keiji Nakazawa was 6 years old when he experienced this holocaust.He survived to write and draw this story.

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