From the beginning, Little Lulu was written and laid out by comic genius John Stanley, with finished drawings provided by Irving Tripp. Stanley has achieved widespread acclaim for his work on such disparate comic books as Melvin Monster, Thirteen Going on Eighteen, Tales from the Tomb, and the comic book version of Nancy & Sluggo - but it is his work on Little Lulu for which he is best known.

In the late 1980s, all of Stanley's work on Little Lulu was collected into a set of deluxe hardbound books by Gladstone Publishing Co. This set, like the original comic book series, has become a collectible highly prized by knowledgeable comic book enthusiasts.

John Stanley was the creator of the Dell comic book Marge's Little Lulu from 1945 to 1961 or so (--the date of Stanleyıs departure is still debated). Originally Stanley was the sole creator of the comics, story and art. His art originally mimicked that of Buell, but as the comic became more successful and Dell increased the publishing schedule of the comic, the art chores were handed to Irv Tripp, who developed the more "cartoony" style for Little Lulu that continues to this day. Stanley and Tripp worked as a team, Stanely writing and laying out the stories, and Tripp contributing the finished art, for over a decade. The Stanley /Tripp run of Little Lulu is often considered by comic book historians and fans to be some of the classiest comic books ever published for the youth audience.

Gladstone Publishing set is available at Hi De Ho comics in Santa Monica (see links)

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