"Lines On Paper wants to offer you respite from a world that may not understand your passion for stories told in one of the oldest media in the world."
- Los Angeles Times

But can "silly-ass funnybooks" really inspire passion, history, terror, cinematic movement, beauty, sex,
action and more!

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S. Clay Wilson (Zap Comix)
Moebius (Blueberry)
Gil Kane (Batman, etc.)
Marie Severin (EC Comics)
Howard Cruse (Queer Comics)
Ted Stearn (Fuzz and Pluck)
Bernie Wrightson (Swamp Thing)
Ray Bradbury (EC stories)
Ray Zone (3-D comics)
Kelly Freas (Mad Magazine)
Skip Williamson (Sammy Smoot)
Jay Lynch (Bijou Funnies)
Mort Drucker (Mad Magazine)