KIDS ON PAPER is a 501(c)(3) non-profit art organization in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles) that offers arts programs that encourage kids of all ages to explore their imaginations through SEQUENTIAL ART – reading, writing and drawing comics.

KIDS ON PAPER’s mission is to promote literacy and artistic development. We provide mentorship to guide the way to future rewarding, creative career paths. Our ESSENTIAL SEQUENTIAL POWERPOINT SHOW introduces participants to classic comics and invites them to play comic book characters and read word balloon dialogue out loud, panel by panel, to act out the story.

KIDS ON PAPER adds excitement and creativity to art instruction. Our GUEST ARTIST WORKSHOPS teach participants the artistic skills they need to make amazing art, tell spectacular stories, and have a ton of fun! We offer lessons in character design, layout, storytelling, penciling, inking, lettering, coloring and more by professional artists.

Contact: Kids On Paper Directors - Gary & Patty Cifra
6253 Longridge Ave., Valley Glen, CA 91401
Mobile phone: (805) 698-7265
Home office phone: (818) 901-1981
Email: gary@linesonpaper.com

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