If you have published any sequential art; high school paper, small run xerox comics, or if you've done anything to further the medium; lettering, inking, distribution, etc. contact us and we'll send you a New Logo Card to sign. If you already are a member and would like to...
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    When Lines On Paper was founded in 1995, we had up to a dozen active members. Today, I am the last, active member. A daunting enough task as it is, but unfortunately I am severely physically disabled and a registered techno-retard. I can type about 20 words/minute with about 10 errors/minute, and then I have trouble figuring out where to save it!

    I think sequential art and Lines On Paper have a great future. If you live in LA and would like to help (and earn free Lines On Paper junk,) contact me at the (818) 901-1981

    Sincerely, Gary Cifra


    If you'd like to share your thoughts about the man who was the inspiration for this site, download a blank card from our CONTRIBUTE page and send your own tribute card (see INFO page). Send comics, portraits, remembrances, soliloquies or anything to celebrate the work and memory of Harvey Kurtzman.

    Learn about The Great Harvey Kurtzman at the excellent www.lambiek.net

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