Robert Williams photoLegendary pop surrealist painter Robert Williams sprang from the custom car culture of Southern California and the roots of the Underground Comix movement. Though known today as one of the world's most iconoclastic fine artists, Williams was also, of course, first and foremost a cartoonist. As a member of the legendary ZAP collective, along with R. Crumb.

Williams eventually transcended the world of comics by cultivating his mastery of oil paints and forging a career as the preeminent artist among the outsider Lobrow art movement. This new school of imagery was a product of art that didnt fit comfortably into the accepted definition of fine art. It embraced some of the figurative graphics that formal art academia tended to reject: comic books, movie posters, trading cards, surfer art, hot rod illustration, to mention a few. influencing a generation of artists to create without concern for the fine art world, held in contempt by Williams - a feeling which had been reciprocated in kind for years by the established fine art community, although Williams' sheer mastery of his craft has caused a grudging retreat - Williams paintings now command tens of thousands of dollars each in the gallery scene and the artist has a long waiting list of potential buyers.

A painting student first at Los Angeles City College and later at the Chouinard Art Institute, Williams got his first break when he became the art director for legendary hot rod hero Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. With the rise of the counterculture in the late 1960's. Williams found a growing audience in the underground comic milieu that nurtured such figures as Robert Crumb, Victor Moscoso and S. Clay Wilson.

One of the originators of Zap Comix, Williams continues its' tradition of no-holds barred creative exploration. In 1994 Williams founded Juxtapoz magazine with a group of artists and collectors. The publication's mission statement was to present art that is provocative, technically adept and worthy of exposure.

Zap Comix Number 11

William's work has been presented internationally on album covers and posters and in magazines.
His exhibits have included:

- "Zombie Mystery Paintings" at the Zomo Gallery in 1982

- "Helter Skelter: L.A. Art in the 1990's" at the Museum of Contemporary Art in
Los Angeles in 1992

- "Kustom Kulture" in at the Laguna Art Museum, 1993

- "Conceptual Realism: In the Service of the Hypothetical"
at Shafrazi Gallery in NYC and Cal State Northridge, 2009

- "Slang Aesthetics" at various galleries, 2015

- "The Visual Adventures of Robert Williams" at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, 2022

New Books Available For 2022:

"Ink, Blood, and Linseed Oil: The Collective Writings of Artist Robert Williams"

Also: Improved reprint of Williams’ first book
"The Lowbrow Art of Robert Williams"

Published By Last Gasp of San Francisco:

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"In 1987, I purchased my first Robert Williams painting,
"Li'l Lamby Pie". I was proud to own four of his paintings for 20 years (see below). I had to sell them due to a
$13K plumbing bill, and an $18K credit card balance
(with 25% interest rates from slimy banks -
illegal usury in 49 states).
Selling my Robert William's paintings was one of
my biggest regrets in life. Mr. Williams'
paintings now sell for $50,000 a piece.
Leonardo Di Caprio and Nicholas Cage are fans."

- Gary Cifra, Lines On Paper founder

spacerLi'l Lamby Pie
"Li'l Lamby Pie and the Philistine Brothel Monger"

"The Brain That Thinks Holes Through Boiler Plate"

spacerImpervious to Chaos
"Impervious To Chaos"

spacer Symbol Silly
"Symbol Silly"