LINES ON PAPER Artist Bio - Gary Cifra

Gary Cifra, Founder of Lines On Paper

Gary was first published in Vaginal Davis' fanzine, CRUDE in 1985. He was also published in two issues of 12XU punk fanzine, and two issues of Big Wimp Funnies (runs of 100) in the 1980's before bailing out of the high-pressure world of publishing and cartooning.

Gary became a technical writer for a public utility and struggling through the high-pressure, big money world of Hollywood, earning thousands of dollars as a screenwriter. Almost $4,000 over ten years, and 1 paying job!

In 1997 he created NO RED RIBBONS! Art Challenges the AIDS Establishment for dissident AIDS activist group: ALIVE AND WELL; Aids Alternatives that featured original artwork donated by the cartoonists below "in support of this worthy and courageously politically incorrect cause." (Juxtapoz Magazine)

In 2002, Gary founded LINES ON PAPER, a sequential art and comic appreciation society to share his love of the artform. He has an extensive personal collection of EC and underground comics.

In 2005, he started a 501(c)(3) nonprofit called KIDS ON PAPER that promotes literacy, fosters artistic development and inspires kids to explore their imaginations through reading, writing and drawing comics.

Despite living with Multiple Sclerosis, which has affected his vision (he's legally blind), Gary has returned to screenwriting.
He writes with a unique method, which you can see here:

Writing Blind video

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