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Dame Darcy photoDame Darcy began her career as an actress with parts in local independent films by directors such as George Kuchar. She began her music career at the tender age of nine and has since been involved in various bands, solo projects, and cabaret. Darcy plays Banjo, singing saw, electric bass, and sings. Her albums have been released in the U.S., England, Japan, and elsewhere.

She won a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute in 1989 and majored in film and studied animation under Larry Jordan. That same year, Darcy self-published the first issue of her comic book, "Meat Cake". In 1991, "Meat Cake" was signed to Fantagraphics Books, the largest independent comic book publisher in the United States. She also began her endeavors in freelance illustration and cartoon work for various Bay Area magazines, newspapers, and underground 'zines.

In 1992 Dame Darcy moved to the East Coast. In June 1999 she toured in the U.S. opening for Michael Gira's current band, "Angels of Light." Later that summer, she went on a European tour to exhibit art and perform.

In May 2000, Darcy toured with "Meat Cake The Play," which was staged in seven different locations on the East Coast. In August 2000, "Dame Darcy and EZ Bake Coven Cabaret" was hosted by Ladyfest in Olympia, Washington. In October 2000, Darcy was invited to judge the animation segment of the New York Film Expo.

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In December 2001, a Japanese gallery and record label invited Darcy to fly to Tokyo and Kyoto to exhibit original comics, paintings, and dolls. She also performed with her band, "Gem in Eye," and Victor Witch Dr. TNT. In April 2002, her solo exhibit premiered in the Richard Heller Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. In July 2002, she was invited to do a doll crafting workshop, perform with Gem in Eye, and lecture about Women In Comics for the San Francisco Ladyfest.

In 2004, a CD compilation entitled "Dame Darcy's Greatest Hits," was released. It features murder ballads, sea shanties, and other experimental folk/death rock. Also, another CD compilation "My Eyes Have Seen the Glory," features Dame Darcy, and many other collaborators.

L.A.-based Symphony is soon to release a CD for Dame Darcy's second band, "Aye Aye Captain." This music will be distributed by K Records, along with Darcy's other art and products. Most recently, a Meat Cake compilation was released.

In the meantime, Darcy continues to hand-craft and sell her wares through various online outlets. In 2004, she premiered a line of tops, reminiscent of the Japanese Gothic Lolita trend, but wholly Darcy-esque. Even more stunning is her collection of couture. She is presently touring with her band "Death By Doll."

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