Jack Kirby reinvented the superhero genre for DC Comics in 1971 with his sprawling saga of the Fourth World, a bold storytelling vision that was decades ahead of its time. At the heart of the Fourth World is The New Gods, a series whose scale and grandeur have astonished readers for generations. Kirby’s startlingly original pantheon of larger-than-life characters features two of comics’ greatest adversaries:
Orion of New Genesis and Darkseid of Apokolips. Ranging across space and time, these implacable foes are locked in a ceaseless struggle to control the fundamental forces of the universe. But this pair are more than mortal enemies—they are also father and son!
Various New Gods, notably Darkseid, went on to interact with other denizens of the DC Universe. The opening sequence of New Gods #1 references the "Old Gods" and the "New Gods" (e.g., "There came a time when the Old Gods died...").

New Gods issue 1

The New Gods first appeared in New Gods #1 and MISTER MIRACLE #1 (both titles were published concurrently). The other two Fourth World titles were Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen and FOREVER PEOPLE.

In a "Young Gods of Supertown" back-up story in Forever People #5, the explorer Lonar retrieves a helmet from the rubble of what represents the last battle of the Old Gods. The helmet closely resembles that worn by the Marvel Comics character Thor, a character whom Kirby drew for several years. After leaving DC Comics and returning to Marvel Comics, Kirby went on to create a similar concept in the Eternals. In Grant Morrison's Final Crisis, they are again featured, but are depicted as beings of immense power, enough to warrant the Green Lantern Corps investigating the murder of Orion.