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Over the past six months or so there have been a couple of great new events that have quickly disappeared or faded away. One is the appointment of Lines On Paper Sequential Artist Of The Month; Kaz as writer and graphic designer for one of the finest programs on television; SpongeBob SquarePants. Sam Henderson also made the cut. Kaz made 8 episodes (I've seen 3 or 4) before the show was cancelled due, probably, to enormous amounts of cash offered to SpongeBob creator Stephen Hillenburg. We wish all three the very best.

The other great new event that seemed to slip away like a cool breeze was the sight of corporate criminals in $3,000 suits being led away with stainless steel handcuffs nicking and scratching their $5,000 gold Rolex watches.

Oh, well - at least we can read Kaz's Underworld in LA Weekly (or many other weekly papers) and, of course, so can the corporate criminals.

Read a recent Kaz interview:

HERE NOW! - KAZ Coffee Mug

Born in Hoboken New Jersey, 1959. Kaz studied comics under Art Spiegelman and contributed to the early issues of Raw magazine. Contributed comics to various publications. This work was eventually collected into first anthology collection: Buzzbomb.

Began contributing illustrations to Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Details, The New Yorker, GQ, Screw, anybody!

Co-edited comics anthology: Snake Eyes for Fantagraphics. It ran three issues.

Started weekly self-syndicated comic strip: Underworld.

Underworld collected into book April of 95 by Fantagraphics.

Sidetrack City and other tales, a collection of longer comic strips published by Fantagraphics in February of 96.

Second collection of Underworld comics published December 1996.

The Underworld comic strip was nominated for a Harvey Award (voted on by comics professionals) for best self-syndicated comic strip in 1996 and 1997.

Attended the International Festival Of Comics in Athens, Greece as guest of honor.

1999. Designed Droopy Dog animated short with Curious Pictures for the Cartoon Network.

Won second place in Jury of Your Peers 2000 script contest for sitcom spec script, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO NORM.

A five-page comic strip, THE HUNGRY HORSE published in LITTLE LIT, a children's book edited by Art Spiegelman (Harper Collens) in the Fall of 2000.

Kaz went to work as a writer and storyboard director for Nickelodeon's SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Cartoon Show from Jan 2001 to Sept 2001. Co-wrote and co-directed eight episodes.

The 4th collection of Underworld comics DUH, Underworld 4 published by Fantagraphics Summer 2001.

Art shows: Kaz Comics one man show this September, 2002, Ten in One Gallery, NYC

Yerba Buena Comic Art Show (group show), July 2002 San Francisco.

Something/Anything (group show), Matthew Marx Gallery, New York City 2002 July - Sept.

Exit Art's Comic Power Show (group show), NYC

Ink Studs, Ten in One Gallery (group show), Summer 2001

Bizarro World! The Parallel Universes of Comics and Fine Art (group show), Cornell Fine Arts Museum, Winter Park, Florida. March 2000.

Post-Punk (group show), M.O.C.A. D.C. May, 2000.

International Festival Of Comics Show (group show), Athens, Greece. Sept. 1997, Sept. 1999.

Pop Surrealism, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art (group show), Ridgefield Connecticut, 1998

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